Consigning FAQs

Q. You talk a lot about collections on your site. Do you also take individual items on consignment?

  A. Yes, we are always interested in quality consignments. The best thing to do is send us photos and a general description of the items you would like to consign. One of our representatives will get back to you within two business days with feedback, and how they might fit into our upcoming sales.


Q. I noticed that you have areas of interest. Will you look at and potentially consign other things?

  A. Yes, we interested things that fall outside of these areas of interest. We provide areas of interest to make it easier for collectors to navigate our site.


Q. I have a large collection of fountain pens that my husband collected for over 40 years. I collector who knew my husband offered a great sum for just a handful of the pens. Will you take the remainder?

  A. As a general rule, our experience has been that 80% of the value of a collection comes from 20% of the items. There is a very good chance that the collector who knew your husband has selected the most valuable pens. Collectors know when a collection has been "picked over". Our advice is to keep the collection intact.  We think you will be pleased with the result.


Q. If I consign my collection with you, when will I be paid?

  A. Payouts are always made within 45-days after the sale. This allows us time to ship items to international buyers, accept mailed cheques, and allow for other payment methods to be processed.


Q. If I refer a collection to your company, will I be financially rewarded?

A.  If your tip results in a consigned collection, you will be financially rewarded. We have indexed rewards as a percentage of sales, or have made upfront cash payouts.