Consignor Testimonials

To: Miller & Miller
What a great sale! Congratulations!

Hi Ethan,

A great sale on Saturday, Diane and I enjoyed ourselves thoroughly. Nice to chat with your mom too, good idea to provide free muffins and sandwiches.

Like you said, there was excellent energy in the crowd. I appreciate the respect you and Justin display for your patrons, they respect you right back. You have a great auction space, and the atmosphere in the room was always light and always moving forward.

We were both blown away by the bids for our items and others (I watched the Daytona trophy bids unfold on the screen at home, yikes!!).

Thank you both so much for your diligence in connecting to the right audiences to get us the best prices. We certainly will use your services again.

Steve and Diane

To: Miller & Miller
Thank You

I just want to take the time to say “Thank You” for the job you did selling the Westside dairy thermometer, the tie clip, and the Surge signs. You did a wonderful job and I will keep you in mind when I come across other treasures... I will highly recommend you to others as well. You did a great job and I was very impressed with the auction (I did drop in for a bit).

Thank You again

Rick & Heather Kraft

To: Miller & Miller Auctions Ltd.
Justin, Ethan, and the rest of the Miller & Miller team;
Thank you on a job well done!

My husband spent many years building his collection. When he passed away it became a problem for me. Who could I trust to sell it? I wanted to give top collectors a chance to pay the most for these items. How could I find them? In the end I found your company. You turned my problem into an opportunity.

You run a very professional, well-organized and honest auction company. You did a great job of attracting the top collectors with deepest pockets. You handled every item so carefully. Your descriptions were thorough, and your photos put each item on a pedestal.

On the day of the auction we sat at the computer and enjoyed the thrill of seeing each item close at the live auction. We were astonished with the results. On average items brought twice the appraised value. I am simply amazed.

Thanks again for your wonderful service."

- Elaine Wilfong